We have made some adjustments to our Half Year Cheer program for this season, due to Covid restrictions and unknowns.  Instead of waiting to see what happens, WE started a new program called Level Up!

Level Up is a team-based class program. Participants will learn routines provided by World Elite that incorporate all scored categories of a competitive routine. Jumps, Tumbling, Stunts, and Dance. Participants will perform for family and receive a personal critique at the end of the 12-week session.  

The first session is underway and the second will begin in January.

Text 330-813-0345 for more information!


Who should enroll in Level Up classes?
This class is perfect for anyone interested in learning or increasing skills in cheerleading. It is also great for any child who has had their Community Youth Cheer season or extracurricular sports postponed or cancelled. Athletes must be 6 & up.
Where will the Level Up Classes be held?
12 weeks sessions, by age and level, will be available in both Brecksville and Tallmadge locations.
When will the Level Up Classes begin?
The first session begins in September and will run through November. 
Why take Level Up Classes?
There has always been a gap in our programming for building skills in cheerleading.  These sessions fill that gap.  Now we have a perfect cheer offering for all levels and ages.  Because of the cancellation of community youth cheerleading seasons as well as school sports postponed or cancelled this is also perfect for those kids to work together this season.
What is the cost for the Level Up Classes?
The 12 week session is $225 per athlete. There is also a $45 registration fee if you have not paid it in the last year.